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Show 15 March 24 March 2024
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15h00 Salle de l'Enclos, 85230 BOUIN


Salle de l'Enclos
85230 BOUIN

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By Jacques Goupil and Stef Russeil.

Tonight is the last chance performance for the town theatre: the Mayor has just announced that, from tomorrow, the theatre will be replaced by a car park. The director is counting on Angelo, a megalomaniac director, to save the theatre by recreating Feydeau's Un fil à la patte, using costumes and sets from the period.
An excellent idea! Except that it doesn't seem to be going very well.
The sets and props don't arrive, the costumes are a hundred years out of date with the play, the director promises to marry an actress, and makes the same promise to another woman. The first is in love with a director, the second is coveted by the director. A sick actress is replaced by a cleaning woman... Beware, danger!

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