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Open house at Jardin des Rautardières

Chemin de la Boivrie 85300 CHALLANS
Programme A complete tour of the experimental garden we are developing at Les Rautardières to create abundant food and varied biodiversity.
- 10am + 3pm: Visit to the edible forest (to be planted in early 2022) with Joël Guyon, permaculturist at La P'tite Utopie
- 11.30am + 2.30pm + 4.30pm: Tour of the medicinal garden by Marie-Agnès Perdrieau, botanist and gemmologist
- 3.30pm: Discussions on dry toilets
- 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.: Visit to the various biotopes created on the site (pond, dry hedges, living hedges, copses, etc.)
- 10am to 5pm: Land Art workshop, creating a mandala using elements from nature
+ Musical interlude at 12 noon: covers of Brassens on vocal guitar with "Banc Public".

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Horaires d'ouverture le 09 juin 2024
N/AOuvert de 10h à 17h



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Chemin de la Boivrie
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