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Concert 16 March 2024
From 24€ /adult


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20h30 Salle Louis Claude Roux, 85300 CHALLANS


Louis Claude Roux Hall
Rue des Plantes

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Concert éphémère Concert éphémère

With Lisa Ducasse, Clou, Petite gueule, Karimouche, Renan Luce, Frédéric Bobin, Clément Bertrand and Cédric Bouteiller (MPL).

Imagine eight singers, who know little or nothing about each other, locked up in a warm place for three days. Their mission? To write and compose sixteen songs following the protocol of the master of the house: Ignatus. Their goal? To perform them for the public on the fourth day. For the fourth time, the cultural season is hosting "Chansons primeurs", an original show in which the creativity of each individual and the energy of the group create a unique experience.

Those who dared to come and listen to the first editions of "Chansons primeurs" are back for more! Push open the doors and let yourself be carried away by this ephemeral concert.

Duration 1h30

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Pricing Min. Max.
Single adult rate
24 € 26 €
Reduced individual rate
12 € 13 €

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