Treat yourself to some good times

There's nothing like an afternoon of relaxation when the weather's fickle! The wellness area at the Nova multiplex is the ideal place to relax... Take advantage of the whirlpool, jacuzzi and sensory showers, not forgetting the sauna and hammam! Before setting off again, take a break in the herbal tea room for a gradual return to your senses...

Visit and gourmet break at the mill

The Moulin de Rairé is a true testament to the ingenuity of Renaissance builders. It is the only wind-powered monument in France never to have stopped turning since it was built in the 16th century. Of the country's 15,000 windmills, the Moulin de Rairé remained the only one to run on electricity for several decades...

DIY at a craftsman's in Sallertaine

Introduce yourself to one of the skills of Sallertaine's craftspeople during a course or workshop! It's great to be able to make something yourself using techniques taught by a professional... Belladone Lézeurs cuir Natureza Atelier Paoa Terres d'âme Sophie Pergue Atelier Delahaye Dentelles et ficelles Décors dantan

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