Since 1992, the "Huîtres Vendée Atlantique" designation has been used to identify Vendée oysters. Claire, Fine de Claire or Spéciale de Claire, " the Queen of the Bourgneuf Bay "It is renowned for the finesse of its crunchy flesh and its flavour. It is delicately iodised and has a light nutty flavour.

It takes three years of breeding to grow a oyster We also grow mature, high-quality shellfish in our exceptionally pure waters. Not forgetting that other shellfish such as mussels, clams and other delicious cockles are also farmed locally.

The presence of large quantities of microalgae and plankton in the marshes results in exceptional productivity on the mudflats and in the shallow waters. The oysters are then sorted, graded, washed and packed in crates for sale to consumers.

Did you know?

The Vendée Atlantique oyster is produced by almost 200 oyster farmers along the Baie de Bourgneuf.

Oyster farming - a Vendée tradition!

Between the marshes and the ocean, the Bourgneuf Bay oyster offers a wide variety of tastes and maturities, and is renowned for its flavour.

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