Le Marais Breton Vendéen was once the leading national supplier of salt, the "white gold" used to preserve food, and has shaped the marsh landscape since the Bronze Age. Many salt-makers continue to use the same techniques to produce quality salt.

An exceptional product

A local product par excellence, "white gold" comes in a rich palette: coarse salt, fine salt, but also the precious fleur de sel. 100 % natural, this sea salt is harvested by hand by the salt producers, in the pure respect of an ancestral know-how. The tender, iodine-scented samphire also grows around the edges of the ponds. The salt producers offer free tours of their farm and direct sales.

Everything you need to know about salt?

Emmanuel Ligner

Take advantage of your visit to the Marais Breton Vendéen to find out more about the job of a salt marsh worker. Mostly in summer, the salt marsh farmers offer tours of their marshes. Self-guided, guided, educational, tasting... there's plenty to choose from!

At the end of your visit? Make a (vital!) stop at the salorge to stock up on salt, fleur de sel and other flavoured salts!

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