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Le Daviaud

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Le Daviaud takes its name from the locality where it is located, in La Barre de Monts. Are you ready? It's a life-size immersion awaiting you.

As you pass through the gates of Le Daviaud, you are entering the Marais Breton Vendéen, an unspoilt natural environment that is both authentic and poetic.

The adventure begins with a 250m² gallery: Le Marais et les Hommes. The lively, modern museography has been designed to make the visit as enjoyable as possible for everyone, including children. This Musée de France tells you all about the construction of the marsh, its history and its culture. It's a great place for the whole family to explore, with fun hands-on activities, testimonials from local people and multimedia displays.

From April to September, the exhibition continues outdoors. You'll tread the marshlands and landscapes along a 1km route, punctuated by 6 different worlds. Step by step, you'll take a leap back in time, soaking up the soothing atmosphere and learning a little more about customs and traditions: salt farming, animal husbandry, festivals and dances in the dance barn, and daily life in Louise's bourrine.

As you can see, Le Daviaud is much more than an eco-museum, it's an immersive place. During the season, the team of mediators takes things a step further and invites you to slip into the shoes of the local inhabitants, the market gardeners, for the duration of an activity. Learn a few traditional dance steps, follow the baker as he bakes bread or makes your own butter in a bowl, admire the ningle jumping technique and look after the animals. In summer, unusual evening events also invite you to discover the site from a different angle.

Le Daviaud is involved in a number of initiatives:

The entire tour (inside and out) is accessible to people with motor, visual, hearing and/or mental disabilities.
Le Daviaud, which has been awarded the "Accueil Vélo" label, is the perfect complement to the marshes you can explore on your walks. Picnic tables on the outskirts of the site make it an ideal place to stop off.
As part of the Welcome initiative, the site offers a quality visitor experience for English-speaking travellers thanks to an audioguide.

So, between two days at the seaside, dare to turn around and take a closer look at the discreet Marais Breton Vendéen.

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