Tradition for Mardi Gras! Bottereaux, foutimassons, tourtisseaux, merveilles, carnival doughnuts... whatever you call them, these delicacies bring back memories of childhood! In the Marais Breton Vendéen, bottereaux have always been the cakes eaten at Mardi Gras, a festive recipe associated with carnival! Recipe...

The Valencières salt marsh

La Ferme du Pas de l'Île

Buying salt in the heart of the marsh

If you come across a salt-marsh worker walking around the Marais Breton Vendéen, stop off! He'll tell you all about his fascinating trade, and you can buy your salt direct from the salt marshes. Salt marshes are very shallow basins of salt water in which seawater circulates, concentrating it into salt, which...

Enjoy oysters "à la cabane"

What better way to enjoy oysters than direct from the producer? In Bouin and Beauvoir-sur-Mer, oyster farming is king! The 6 harbours, which can only be used at high tide, are located at the mouths of the main coastal channels. Their main activity is oyster farming! Queens of the bay, "Les...

Vegetable flan

Fion" or "flan maraîchin" is an egg custard. Typical of the marshes, it was traditionally made at Easter. The recipe has been the same since the 18th century: eggs, milk, butter, flour, sugar... and salt of course! Recipe Ingredients 8 eggs 150 g sugar 1.2 litres whole milk 1 kg flour ...


The least we can say is that préfou, the flagship product of the Vendée aperitif, is a real treat for the taste buds! For the record, préfou is nothing more than a baker's trick. To test the heat of his oven, he would place a piece of bread dough on a heated tile. When the dough was cooked, the temperature of the oven could be estimated. Rather than throwing away the barely cooked ball of white bread,...

Fresh samphire pesto

At the edge of the salt marshes, you can spot a small plant that grows only in salt environments: glasswort. It is harvested by salt marsh workers in spring. Its tender, crunchy shoots are edible, and can be eaten like gherkins or in a salad! Recipe Ingredients 150 g fresh samphire 2 cloves of garlic 80 ml of...

Aperitif clams

There's nothing better after a day's fishing than cooking clams to enjoy with friends! There are several recipes, so follow the guide... Recipe Ingredients Around thirty fresh clams 1 large, ripe tomato Olive oil 1 clove of garlic Fresh herbs (chives, basil, etc.) Pepper 1 glass of white wine...


Caillebottes are a speciality of the Maraîchine region, a refreshing and tasty dessert made from a combination of raw milk and chardonnette, the quail-milk plant used in the past in the Marais Breton Vendéen. The old-timers used to eat caillebottes, especially in summer, for everyday meals as well as for weddings or when working in the fields (harvesting, threshing, etc.). They were...

Breathe in the sea air: are we going to see the sea?

Set off on an adventure and discover the riches of our region from Beauvoir-sur-Mer to Bouin! Come and recharge your batteries in the heart of nature, in the Marais Breton Vendéen and close to the water at the Passage du Gois!

Enjoy the good life and discover the treasures of Sallertaine!

As lovers, set off in search of the town's secrets and explore the diversity of its crafts!

In the heart of the marsh, discoveries and local flavours

Explore the towns of Bouin and Beauvoir-sur-Mer on a marshland getaway with friends! Between farm and marsh activities, you're sure to fall in love with our region!

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