The Valencières salt marsh

Barbecuing at sea

Discover sea fishing with professionals who will take you to exceptional locations for an unforgettable experience. All year round, from the Port du Bec, come aboard the Amiral des Côtes with Sandy Potier, a passionate fisherman, to enjoy sea fishing and sailing in the Baie de Bourgneuf. During the spring tides...

Fresh samphire pesto

At the edge of the salt marshes, you can spot a small plant that grows only in salt environments: glasswort. It is harvested by salt marsh workers in spring. Its tender, crunchy shoots are edible, and can be eaten like gherkins or in a salad! Recipe Ingredients 150 g fresh samphire 2 cloves of garlic 80 ml of...

Aperitif clams

There's nothing better after a day's fishing than cooking clams to enjoy with friends! There are several recipes, so follow the guide... Recipe Ingredients Around thirty fresh clams 1 large, ripe tomato Olive oil 1 clove of garlic Fresh herbs (chives, basil, etc.) Pepper 1 glass of white wine...

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