Frédéric, who runs the Ferdinand and Donatien cheese dairy, welcomes you to the farm, where young and old alike can discover the life of 34 goats and 2 billy goats. You'll be able to discover and understand how milk and cheese are produced, and what role farmers play in our diet.
In a friendly and instructive atmosphere, you'll have the chance to stroke, feed and take out the herd of goats, milk a goat by hand, watch a goat being milked by machine, make your own cheese and understand how the farm works...
You'll discover a farm that's integrated into its environment, in the heart of the Marais Breton Vendéen, and that promotes responsible farming by focusing on the quality of its products while respecting the natural environment.

Tours and immersion mornings from March to October (€20/person, free for under-14s).
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  • Cheese and dairy products


Horaires d'ouverture du 15 mars au 03 novembre 2024
N/AOuvert de 10h à 19h
N/AOuvert de 10h à 19h


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  • Bank and postal cheques
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Bel Air
85230 BOUIN
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