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Painter and jewellery designer

Linda started painting in 2014 after seeing works at a family member's house. They were abstract works and she fell in love with them. She has always been creative since she was a child, she loved art classes and spent a lot of time creating whether it was drawing or painting.
After various professional activities, she gradually took up painting again. Fascinated by abstract art, she decided to learn on her own after watching a few videos on the Internet. The beginnings were difficult, but for her, painting was a moment of relaxation and escape. And then it became a real passion.
These days, abstract paintings are not just part of interior design, they also bring a certain sense of well-being. With their soft, soothing colours, her creations will take you on an inner journey. When she creates a work, she has only a vague idea of the final result. She makes a choice of colours at the outset and then as she progresses in her abstract painting, ideas come to her.
In 2021, she discovered the technique of fluid art. She first started painting pictures using this technique and then, fascinated by the results obtained, other creations were born. She now creates coasters and jewellery.
She also paints customised, personalised pictures. She is always available to advise and inform you. You will find her creations available on her website, as well as a contact form for all personalised orders.


Payment methods

  • Bank cards
  • Species

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