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Médiathèque Diderot Boulevard René Bazin 85300 CHALLANS
With Louise Septet and Clément Barbot

Popular music from Colombia and Venezuela, the joropo poetically recounts daily life in the heart of the cross-border plains and the passion that links these two countries around the same culture: llanera music.
The Mano Libre duo offer a unique and sensitive interpretation of this traditional repertoire, giving us a moment of authentic music. Mano Libre is the hand that reaches out to the other to build bridges between cultures, the palm open to the horizon of possibilities, like a cocoon where you let yourself be lulled. It's also the energy of two musicians who vibrate together to travel, for the duration of a concert, to the lands of llaneras.

General public
Duration 1 hour

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Horaires d'ouverture le 31 mai 2024
N/AOuvre à 18h30



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