Situated just a few minutes from the Vendée coast and in the heart of the Marais Breton Vendéen, the town of Challans combines a gentle way of life with economic dynamism.

A true commercial city

Challans has almost 214 shops to liven up the heart of the town, including 131 independent boutiques offering original products: fashion, accessories, homeware, decoration, beauty, well-being, leisure... There's a wide choice to choose from!

The quality of the welcome and the pedestrianised streets allow visitors to stroll in peace and quiet in a simple, warm atmosphere. Small passageways allow you to discover unique spaces such as the Passage Gambetta and the Passage Carnot, revealing shops offering unique and local products.

The market

The Challans market is one of the biggest in the region and a must-see!

Alexandre Lamoureux

Market days

From 8am to 1pm, take a stroll through the streets of the town centre and discover all the flavours of a local tradition and know-how!

  • Tuesday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Discover the local heritage

Set off from the Tourist Office to discover Challans. Stroll along the streets and alleys, passing through the most emblematic places... Open your eyes and you're sure to be charmed by the treasures of this market town!

Town of Challans

Bailly hardware

In Place Aristide Briand, let yourself be seduced by a picturesque building that has retained its character of yesteryear.

The history of this building is linked to the creation of a new district in Challand around 1845.

Successive managers have preserved the atmosphere of this shop, a remarkable part of the local heritage, which will be renovated in 2023.

What to do in Challans

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