The Passage du Gois is safe... as long as you respect the tides!

Twice a day, the meeting of the 2 opposing ocean currents is a magnificent spectacle, at the end of which the Passage du Gois is covered by 1.5 to 4 metres of water, depending on the tidal range. 

The 4 km of this submersible road can only be crossed - by car, bike or on foot - at low tide. You should consult the signs on either side of the Gois before crossing, as well as the tide times. 

Before crossing

What to do if you're trapped by rising water

9 beacons have been built along the route to serve as a refuge for the unwary and other distracted.

Where can I park?

We strongly advise against parking on either side of this submersible road. There are car parks at each end of the Passage du Gois (Beauvoir-sur-Mer and Ile de Noirmoutier).

The tides

You can cross the Gois 1? hours before and 1? hours after low tide. For example, if low tide is at 12pm, you can cross between 10.30am and 1.30pm.

Consult the tide tables

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