Sallertaine is the only commune in the Vendée to have been awarded the "Ville et métiers d'art" label, welcoming visitors to an artistic and natural world. Holders of traditional skills, many craftsmen and artists open the doors of their workshops: potter, leatherworker, stylist, upholsterer, glassblower, jewellery designer...

Océan production

Sallertaine or "Sertaïne

A place of art where you can find inspiration and creativity in the hands of experts.

Unique in the Vendée

A jewel of Romanesque art, the recently restored church at Sallertaine is an exceptional showcase for contemporary art exhibitions. The Moulin de Rairé and the Bourrine à Rosalie are also must-sees on your walks!

Town and Art Trades" label

France is one of the few countries in the world with such a wide variety of craft skills.

Simon Bourcier

The "Ville et Métiers d'art" label was created in May 1992 on the initiative of local councillors and at the instigation of François Dobin, then Minister for Craft Trades. The aim was to promote the richness and diversity of arts and crafts in their towns and cities. Now united as an association, they have been joined over the years by more than 100 towns and cities with excellence and authenticity in mind.

Sallertaine has held the "Ville et Métiers d'Art" label since 2011. This distinction testifies to the town's undeniable expertise in arts and crafts and its support for artisans. It is the first commune in the Vendée to be awarded this label.

Patrice Barbereau

By bike to Sallertaine

Cycling in the north-west Vendée is a leisure activity that's accessible to everyone, and one that can be enjoyed with family or friends. The cycle paths give you the chance to enjoy a variety of landscapes. Whether you're on holiday in the Vendée or just for a short break, don't forget to take your bike!


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