Situated between land and sea, Destination GO Challans GOis rich in products that are as iodised as they are tasty!

Local products and recipes

Oysters, salt and poultry are all essential ingredients in the local cuisine! Take the time to wander around and discover the flavours that make up the authenticity and terroir of the north-western Vendée. Meet our local producersstroll along the markets and cook locally!

Emmanuel Ligner


The Pas de l'île farm has been raising ducks for several generations. Take a guided tour of the farm, followed by a tasting of terrines and rillettes made with the genuine flavour of traditional cooking. Tour stops: duck pens and force-feeding room.


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Emblematic flavours

Simon Bourcier

Vendée Atlantic oyster

Since 1992, this designation has been used to identify Vendée oysters. Claire, Fine de Claire or Spéciale de Claire, "the Queen of the Bourgneuf Bay "It is renowned for its fine, crunchy flesh and great taste.

Salt, the white gold

Le Marais Breton Vendéen was once the country's leading supplier of salt, the "white gold" used to preserve food, and has shaped the landscape of the marshes.

Town of Challans

Challans poultry

Birds have always been a speciality of Challans. Famous for its ducks, coveted by the greatest chefs, the town has since diversified (...)

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