Take the time to enjoy life, indulge yourself, treat yourself to the restaurants and local producers. (Re)discover the authentic taste and know-how of a region where the sea, the marsh and the bocage meet.


Gourmet roadtrips


Tradition for Mardi Gras! Bottereaux, foutimassons, tourtisseaux, merveilles, carnival doughnuts... whatever you call them, these delicacies bring back memories of childhood! In the Marais Breton Vendéen, bottereaux have always been the cakes eaten at Mardi Gras, a festive recipe associated with carnival! Recipe...

The Valencières salt marsh

La Ferme du Pas de l'Île

Buying salt in the heart of the marsh

Enjoy oysters "à la cabane"

Vegetable flan


Fresh samphire pesto

Aperitif clams

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