Discover the flavours and products that make up our terroir, from know-how to culinary traditions. Taste the gastronomy of the Maraîchine region and savour its typical recipes from land and sea! 

Vegetable flan

Fion" or "flan maraîchin" is an egg custard. Typical of the marshes, it was traditionally made at Easter. The recipe has been the same since the 18th century: eggs, milk, butter, flour, sugar... and salt, of course!

Oysters and shellfish

What unites the various oyster farmers of the region, it's a deep love and passion for their craft. The oyster, this exceptional product, is bred in the purest respect for traditional know-how handed down from generation to generation.


Saltalso known as "white gold", is one of the region's richest resources. Bourgneuf Bay. Whether coarse, fine or fleur de sel, it's on every table!

Town of Challans


In the Challans area, the poultry benefit from an exceptional terroir, provided by the marsh climate. Benefiting from the acidity of the soil, on which grows a sweet grass with a good taste of the sea, the marsh is a life-size paradise for poultry farming.

Stéphane Grossin


At the edge of the salt marsh basins, you can spot a small plant that only grows in salty environments: glasswort. It is harvested by salt producers in spring. Its tender, crunchy shoots are edible, and can be eaten like gherkins or in salads!

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