What better way to enjoy oysters than direct from the producer?

Definitions of "cabin

Female name

A place where oyster farmers work "on land" to store their equipment and sell shellfish in bulk or wholesale.

Nowadays, they are also used for public tastings.

In Bouin and Beauvoir-sur-Mer, oyster farming is king! Visit 6 ports of callThese are located at the mouths of the main coastal creeks, and are only accessible at high tide. Their main activity is oyster farming! Queens of the bay, "Les Huîtres Vendée Atlantique are renowned for their fine, crisp flesh. It takes three years of maturing to produce a mature, high-quality product in exceptionally pure waters. 

Among the 200 oyster farmers who raise their oysters in Baie de BourgneufSome organise tours and tastings "at the hut" to share their passion for an exceptional product!

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