Strolling through the Marais Breton VendéenIf you see a salt worker, stop by! He'll tell you all about his fascinating trade and you can buy your salt direct from the salt marsh.

Definition of "Salorge

Female name

(dialectal word, from Latin sal, salt, and horreum, attic)

A building, usually made of wood, used to store salt after it has been harvested and before it is sold.

Salt marshes are very shallow basins of salt water in which seawater circulates, concentrating its salt content from 30g per litre of water to 300g thanks to the wind and sun. The fine film of crystals that remains suspended on the surface is the white, rare and delicious fleur de sel. Coarse or fine, fleur de sel... the harvesting of this rare and tasty mineral is a major challenge. "white gold takes place in summer when the water in the marshes can evaporate thanks to the power of the sun. 100 % natural, this sea salt is harvested by hand using traditional methods.

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