Town Hall

Town Hall

Located on the strategic Cholet to Saint-Jean-De-Monts road, the Town Hall was built in 1877 on newly purchased land. Extended in 2013, the Town Hall retains its original republican architecture.

Calvary of the Pont Prieur

At the edge of the village is the calvary of Pont Prieur, which was blessed in 1948 during a mission. The cross bears the name of its owner, the Doux family. Legend has it that the cross was erected in memory of someone who was cured of an illness.

Great Calvary

This large calvary, erected in 1931 following a mission, replaces another wooden cross dating from 1875, which in turn replaced a calvary dating from 1846. The religious structure is one of ten calvaries still standing in the commune.

Puits de la Froide fontaine

On the Chemin des Charbonnières, the old road to Saint-Christophe-du-Ligneron, the puits des Landes is one of the last vestiges of the village's name: Frigido Fonte, the fresh fountain. Probably built by monks, the well, restored in 2015, is reputed to be inexhaustible.

Monument to the dead

The monument, inaugurated in 1922, was originally located inside the cemetery. However, following an extension in 2000, which shifted the wall, the war memorial was excluded from the cemetery. It lists 73 soldiers from the 1914-1918 war, two from 1939-1945, one from Indochina and two killed in Algeria, one of whom, Michel GABORIT, was one of the 20 missing from the Abdellys. In memory of this soldier, Abdellys soil has been incorporated into the base of the Monument aux morts.

Old presbytery

The presbytery built in 1885 replaces the old one, which was once located closer to the church and dates back to before 1832. The cross that once crowned the new presbytery has disappeared.

Church of Sainte-Marie Madeleine

The church, built in the 19th century, replaced a 10th-century priory that was burnt down by Protestants in the 16th century. During the French Revolution, the building was burnt down by an infernal column. Restored in 1836, it was destroyed again a few months later due to poor workmanship. Rebuilt the following year, it retains its bell tower and pyramidal spire.

Calvary of the Sacred Heart

The monument, erected in 1915, celebrates the cult of the Sacred Heart. It is surrounded by statues of Sainte Marguerite Alacoque and Joan of Arc as a shepherdess. On its base, 73 names of soldiers who died in the 1914-1918 war are inscribed, which are more or less the same as those on the Monument aux morts in the cemetery.


The town hall was used as a public school for boys from 1877 until 1933. Another building on the right, built in 1892, was the former state girls' school. This school had one or two pupils in 10 years. The building, which became a mixed state school in 1933, was forced to close temporarily in 1952 and 1970 due to a lack of pupils. In 1992, the former mixed state school moved into the former premises of the Sainte Thérèse school. The Sainte Jeanne d'Arc school, a little further to the right, was built in 1877 and is home to all private school pupils.

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