In the Marais Breton VendéenIn the past, the inhabitants lived in bourrines, a typical traditional dwelling!

These traditional houses are built from whatever is at hand: earth, sand, straw and reeds. They are low dwellings with a distinctive thatched roof, and are often built on a charraud (embankment). This makes them less vulnerable to the sea winds.

These modest dwellings consist of a single room, or sometimes two rooms, used as kitchen, dining room and bedroom. The people who have adapted so inventively to this environment and made it their home are known as "maraîchins".

La Bourrine à Rosalie

Today, some bourrines have survived the passage of time and can still be visited, such as the Bourrine à Rosalie!

You will discover a traditional home in the Marais Breton Vendéen and the way of life of the market gardeners at the beginning of the 20th century, and in particular the life of Rosalie, the last inhabitant of this place. Born in 1899, Rosalie lived in her bourrine until her death in 1971. However, when you visit the bourrine, the furniture and costumes give the impression that Rosalie was simply away looking after her chickens!



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