Take advantage of your weekend to breathe in the fresh air! From Pornic, take The Vélodysséecycle along the Atlantic coast to the Basque coast and discover the Marais Breton Vendéen and the Baie de Bourgneuf, not forgetting the not-to-be-missed Passage du Gois.

At the Port du Collet, cross the Falleron, the coastal river that forms the boundary between the Loire-Atlantique and the Vendée. You're now at our Destination! Gradually, a sea of fisheries will take over the landscape! Discover the wild Port de la Louippe...

Emmanuelle Bethys

The cycle route continues into the Baie de Bourgneuf, where you'll find yourself in oyster country, as evidenced by the many oyster ports. At Port des Champs, stop off for an iodised break at Baptiste Raimbaud. A passionate oyster-farmer at one with nature, he makes the most of it, while respecting age-old traditions. Take a seat in his "cabin" and sample his delicious oysters!

Continue on to the Port du Bec, known as the "Chinese Port" with its wooden-post pontoons reminiscent of an Asian landscape. As the tide rises, watch the oyster farmers waltz in and out of the harbour as they return from their fishing trips - entertainment guaranteed! For those with a sweet tooth, take a seat at the Mord'Eau to enjoy a mussel à l'Epoyenne, a speciality of mussels cooked in pine thorns - a real treat!

To digest, get back on your bike for a ride through the heart of the Marais Breton Vendéen. Here you can admire an authentic, tranquil panorama, with an intoxicating sense of infinity. At times gentle, at other times salty, the marsh is criss-crossed by a network of "étiers". Under the expert hand of the lock-keepers, they let in the salt water needed for the salt marshes and oyster farms. The labyrinth of shimmering canals bears witness to the history of the mastery of water and man's conquest of the land. It's easy to see why so many artists love this inspiring place...

At the junction of Quairuy noir and Marais Teneur in Beauvoir-sur-Mer, you have 2 choices! Follow the main route and continue your adventure, or turn right to join the Passage du Goisthe destination's must-see underwater route!

Le Passage du Gois

On the main route, stop at the Donkey House. Educational farm where you will discover different breeds of donkey (Baudet du Poitou, Noir du Berry, Cotentin, Pyrénées, Âne Pie, Âne Blanc d'Egypte, Mule...) and their farm companions: cows, pigs, goats, poultry...

Continue on your way and meet the salt producers. If you see them on their marsh, stop! They'll be delighted to show you their fascinating trade: a tour of the marsh, its flora and fauna, a presentation of their tools, the discovery and tasting of halophilic plants, and the sale of salt, fleur de sel or salicorne! The salt marshes Les Boucheaux and La Pétillère are located on the Route du Gois.

Vélodyssée Passport

Once you've travelled all this way, don't forget to get your passport stamped at the Beauvoir-sur-Mer Tourist Office to keep an indelible souvenir of your trip on La Vélodyssée!


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