An emblematic feature of the Destination and the only one of its kind in the world, the Passage du Gois links the mainland to the island of Noirmoutier; 4 km separate Beauvoir-sur-Mer from the island. At low tide, this unusual passageway is revealed to fishermen and walkers who come to enjoy the magnificent panorama.

Enjoying the pleasures of the sea

Breathe in the sea and let yourself be tempted by a spot of fishing on foot, a visit to the salt marshes or a trip out to sea!

Le Passage du Gois

Fishing on foot, an experience

With the tides to guide you, fishing on foot is like treasure hunting in the great outdoors. It's a simple pleasure that's free of charge and makes for great family, solo or group fun... as well as tasty meals! Fishing is permitted all year round at the Passage du Gois. You can fish for clams, periwinkles and cockles on site.

White gold from the marshes

Coarse or fine, flower of salt... salt is harvested in summer when the water in the marshes can evaporate thanks to the power of the sun. 100 % natural, this sea salt is harvested by hand in the purest respect for age-old know-how. As you walk through the salt marshes, if you see a salt worker, stop! He'll be delighted to show you his fascinating trade.

The pleasure of sea fishing

Discover sea fishing with professionals who will take you to exceptional locations for an unforgettable experience. Board theAdmiral des Côtes with Sandy Potier, fisherman, to enjoy open sea fishing and sailing in the Baie de Bourgneuf. Whether you're a novice or an enthusiast, the pleasures of fishing are yours to enjoy!


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